EarthView 7.7.2 2023 Full Version

EarthView 7.7.2 is a powerful desktop software that provides users with stunning views of the earth, using a combination of satellite imagery, topographic maps, and other geographical data. Developed by DeskSoft, EarthView 7.7.2 is the latest version of this software, offering an array of exciting features for users who are interested in exploring the planet we live on

EarthView 7.7.2 by DeskSoft | DOWNLOAD
One of the main highlights of EarthView 7.7.2 is its ability to provide high-resolution images of the earth from space. This feature allows users to explore different parts of the planet, from mountain ranges and coastlines to cities and landmarks. The software also includes a time-lapse feature, which allows users to view changes in the earth’s surface over time, such as the growth of urban areas or the effects of natural disasters.

In addition to its visual features, EarthView 7.7.2 also includes a range of tools for customizing the software’s appearance and functionality. Users can choose from a variety of map styles, adjust the lighting and shadow effects, and even set the software to display real-time weather information for their location.

Overall, EarthView 7.7.2 is a fantastic tool for anyone interested in exploring and learning more about our planet. With its stunning imagery and customizable features, it offers a unique and engaging way to view and interact with the world around us.

Top Key Feature

  1. High-resolution imagery: EarthView provides high-quality images of the earth’s surface, including stunning views of landscapes, oceans, and cities.
  2. Multiple display options: Users can choose to display the images as desktop wallpapers or screensavers and customize settings such as image duration and transition effects.
  3. Real-time cloud data: EarthView can display real-time cloud data, allowing users to view current weather patterns around the world.
  4. Day and night views: The software can display both day and night views of the earth, showing users the city lights and stars as seen from space.
  5. Educational information: EarthView can also display educational information about the earth, including geographical and astronomical data, providing users with a learning experience as well as beautiful imagery.

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How To Install

To install EarthView 7.7.2 on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the EarthView website at and download the installation file for your operating system (Windows or macOS).
  2. Once the download is complete, double-click on the installation file to start the installation process.
  3. Follow the prompts in the installation wizard to complete the installation. You may be asked to choose a language, select the installation directory, and agree to the license agreement.
  4. Once the installation is complete, launch EarthView by double-clicking on its shortcut icon on your desktop or by searching for it in your Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (macOS).
  5. When EarthView starts up, you can customize its settings to your liking, such as choosing a location and selecting the type of map view.

That’s it! You should now be able to use EarthView 7.7.2 on your computer

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