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Vim 9.0 is the latest version of the popular text editor that has been around for over three decades. Released on November 1, 2021, Vim 9.0 brings a host of new features and improvements that make it an even more powerful tool for programmers, writers, and anyone who works with text.

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One of the most significant changes in Vim 9.0 is the addition of native support for floating windows. This allows users to display multiple windows side by side within the editor, making it easier to compare and edit different parts of a document or codebase. Floating windows can be resized, moved, and closed just like regular windows, and they can also be customized with different colors and styles.

Another noteworthy improvement in Vim 9.0 is the addition of a new terminal emulator. This allows users to run command-line programs and interact with them directly from within Vim, without having to switch to a separate terminal window. The terminal emulator supports all the standard terminal features, including tabs, colors, and mouse support.

Vim 9.0 also introduces a new feature called “popup windows.” These are small, context-sensitive windows that appear when a user performs certain actions, such as searching for a file or executing a command. Popups can display information such as file names, search results, or error messages, and they can be dismissed with a single keystroke.

In addition to these major changes, Is includes a range of smaller improvements and bug fixes. For example, the editor now supports asynchronous job control, which allows users to run background tasks without blocking the editor. This can be particularly useful for tasks that take a long time to complete, such as running tests or building a project.

Other improvements in the include better support for Unicode characters, improved syntax highlighting for several programming languages, and enhancements to the editor’s built-in spell checker.

Overall, Vim 9.0 is a significant update that brings a range of new features and improvements to an already powerful text editor. Its support for floating windows, terminal emulation, and popup windo

Top Key Features:

  1. Floating windows: Vim 9.0 may include support for floating windows, which would allow for more flexible placement of windows on the screen, making it easier to compare and edit multiple files simultaneously.
  2. Asynchronous processing: Vim 9.0 may include improved support for asynchronous processing, allowing for faster and more responsive editing of large files or when running complex tasks.
  3. Improved terminal integration: Vim 9.0 may include improved terminal integration, allowing for better compatibility with modern terminal emulators and making it easier to switch between the Vim editor and the terminal.
  4. Better syntax highlighting: Vim 9.0 may include improved syntax highlighting, with support for more programming languages and better customization options.
  5. Enhanced plugins and scripting: Vim 9.0 may include enhancements to its plugin and scripting system, making it easier to develop and share custom plugins and scripts, and adding new capabilities to the editor.

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How to Install?

  1. Visit the official Vim website and navigate to the “Download” section.
  2. Click on the link to download the latest version of Vim for Windows.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file and follow the installation wizard’s instructions.
  4. In order to begin the installation process, you will first be required to accept the terms and conditions and then choose the installation folder.
  5. We may need to wait a few minutes for the entire process of installing the software to complete, so please be patient while the process is in progress.
  6. Installed Vim can be launched by opening the command prompt and typing “vim” along with the desired file name.

If you have already downloaded the Vim 9.0 Build, you can follow similar steps as above and replace the downloaded file with Vim 9.0 Build. However, please note that Vim can be a challenging editor to use for beginners, and you may want to consider learning some of the basics before diving into it. Various resources are available online, such as tutorials and forums, that can help you learn Vim.


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