BlockSite for Chrome 6.1.1 Activation Key Full Version

BlockSite for Chrome 6.1.1 Activation Key Full Version

BlockSite for Chrome 6.1.1 is a browser extension that allows users to block access to specific websites, set time limits for browsing, and customize their browsing experience to enhance productivity and focus. This extension is designed to help users stay on track and avoid distractions while browsing the web.

One of the key features of BlockSite is its ability to block access to specific websites. Users can add any website they want to stop and set a time limit for how long they want the block to be active. This is particularly useful for people who struggle with online distractions, such as social media or news sites. By blocking access to these sites, users can limit their exposure to distractions and stay focused on their work.

BlockSite also allows users to set a schedule for website access. Users can choose which days of the week and what times of day they want to allow access to specific websites. This can be especially useful for people who have trouble sticking to a routine or need to set boundaries around internet use.

BlockSite for Chrome 6.1.1

In addition to blocking websites, BlockSite for Chrome 6.1.1 can also be used to enhance productivity and focus. The extension offers a variety of productivity features, including goal setting and tracking, creating to-do lists, and accessing motivational quotes and images. These features help users stay motivated and on track with their goals.

BlockSite for Chrome 6.1.1

BlockSite also offers a feature called “Work Mode,” which temporarily blocks access to all websites except those essential for work. This can be a helpful tool for people who work from home and need to stay focused on their tasks.
Another feature of BlockSite is the ability to customize the browsing experience. Users can change the appearance of the extension, choose which features are displayed, and set custom messages for blocked websites. This allows users to tailor the extension to their specific needs and preferences.

One potential downside of BlockSite is that it may not be effective for highly motivated users to bypass website blocks. While the extension can be set up to require a password to access blocked sites, determined users may still be able to find ways around the block. However, BlockSite is an effective tool for limiting distractions and improving focus for most users. BlockSite is easy to install and use, with a simple interface that makes it accessible to users of all experience levels. The extension is free to use, although some features may require a premium subscription.

Key Features:

  1. Customizable block list: BlockSite allows users to create their block list, which they can customize to suit their needs. This feature makes it easy to block specific websites that you find distracting.
  2. Time scheduler: The time scheduler feature allows users to set a specific time when a website will be blocked automatically. This is helpful if you want to stop certain websites during work hours but allow access during your free time.
  3. Password protection: BlockSite allows users to set passwords to protect their settings. This prevents others from tampering with the settings or removing the blocks.
  4. Redirect option: Users can redirect to a specific page when a blocked website is accessed. This can help turn to more productive websites or helpful resources.
  5. Backup and restore: BlockSite allows users to back up their settings and restore them when needed. This makes it easy to transfer settings to other devices or reinstall the extension.
  6. Block by keywords: BlockSite can also block websites based on specific keywords. This is helpful if you want to block websites that contain exact words that trigger distractions.
  7. Wildcard support: BlockSite supports wildcards, which allows users to block entire domains or subdomains with a single entry. This makes it easy to block full websites or groups of related websites.
  8. Block by URL: Users can also block specific URLs with BlockSite. This helps block specific pages on websites that are otherwise productive.
  9. Incognito mode support: BlockSite can also block websites in incognito mode. This prevents users from accessing blocked websites even if they are browsing in incognito mode.
  10. Block specific elements: BlockSite can also block specific elements on a website, such as images or videos. This is helpful if certain elements of a website are distracting or triggering.

System Requirements:

  • Unlimited blocking list
  • Custom block pages
  • Block by categories
  • Even more insights

How To Download?

  • Click the link at the bottom
  • Wait to download to get features
  • Open it to use and enjoy
  • Done


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