DS4Windows 3.2.10 2023 Full Version

DS4Windows is a popular open-source software program that allows PlayStation 4 (PS4) controller users to connect their devices to a Windows-based computer or laptop. The latest version of the software, 3.2.10, was released in 2023 and had a range of new features that make it even more versatile and user-friendly.

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One of the most significant upgrades in DS4Windows 3.2.10 is the enhanced support for various controller types. The software now allows users to connect multiple controllers simultaneously, including those from other manufacturers such as Xbox and Switch Pro. These feature benefits gamers who prefer to use different controllers for different games, eliminating the need to disconnect and reconnect devices.

Another vital improvement in  3.2.10 is the ability to customize button mapping for the controller. Users can now assign specific functions to each button and configure settings for the touchpad and motion controls. This feature offers more control over the gaming experience and allows users to tailor the controller to their needs.

DS4Windows 3.2.10 also introduces support for virtual reality (VR) gaming. The software allows users to map the PS4 controller to VR games, enabling a more immersive gaming experience. This feature benefits those who prefer a PS4 controller over the standard VR controllers.

Additionally, DS4Windows 3.2.10 includes various bug fixes and performance improvements. The software now operates more smoothly and is less prone to crashing or freezing.

Overall,  3.2.10 is a significant upgrade from previous versions and is a must-have for PS4 controller users who enjoy gaming on their Windows-based computer or laptop. With its improved support for various controller types, custom button mapping, VR compatibility, and enhanced performance,  3.2.10 is a top choice for gamers who demand a seamless and customizable gaming experience.

Top Key Feature:

  1. Customizable Profiles: DS4Windows allows users to create and customize controller profiles, including button mapping, sensitivity adjustments, and even macros. This feature will enable users to tailor their controller settings to their needs and preferences.
  2. Touchpad Support: The DS4 controller can be used as a mouse input in DS4Windows, allowing users to navigate their computer using the controller’s touchpad.
  3. Bluetooth Connectivity: DS4Windows supports wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, allowing users to use their DS4 controller without a USB cable.
  4. Input Mapper: DS4Windows includes an input mapper feature, which allows users to map their DS4 controller inputs to keyboard and mouse inputs and other controllers.
  5. Gyro Controls: The DS4 controller’s gyroscopic sensors can be used for motion control in games that support it, and DS4Windows allows users to customize and adjust the sensitivity of these controls. This feature can provide more authentic and immersive gameplay experiences.

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How To Install?

  1. Go to the official  website at 
  2. Click the “Download Now” button to download the latest software version.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to install DS4Windows on your computer.
  4. After the installation, connect your DualShock 4 controller to your computer using a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  5. Open DS4Windows and configure your controller settings as desired.


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