Mindomo Desktop 10.5.9 Full Free Version

Mindomo Desktop 64-bit is your free mind map software for Windows PC that uniquely combines working offline with editing and collaborating online.Today’s fast-paced world demands that you stay organized to succeed. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a creative thinker, having a tool that helps you visualize and structure your thoughts can make a difference. Mindomo Desktop is one such tool that empowers users to organize their ideas, streamline their thought processes, and enhance productivity.

Mindomo Desktop

Mindomo Desktop

Mindomo Desktop is a powerful mind-mapping software that brings structure and clarity to your ideas. It allows you to create visual representations of your thoughts, concepts, and plans, helping you see the bigger picture while capturing intricate details. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Mindomo Desktop makes mind mapping an effortless and enjoyable experience.


One of the standout features of Mindomo Desktop is its versatility. It caters to a wide range of users, from students taking notes during lectures to professionals brainstorming ideas for projects. Concept maps outline and Gantt charts allow you to adapt to different thinking styles and project requirements.


Collaboration is another area where Mindomo Desktop excels. The software offers seamless teamwork capabilities, allowing multiple simultaneously. This is particularly useful for group projects or team brainstorming sessions, as it fosters collaboration, improves communication, and ensures everyone’s ideas are captured and shared effectively.


Mindomo Desktop also integrates with various platforms and tools, further enhancing its functionality. Whether you want to import and export files, sync your mind maps with cloud storage services, or integrate with project management software, Mindomo Desktop provides the necessary integrations to streamline your workflow and ensure smooth information exchange.


Furthermore, Mindomo Desktop offers a range of customization options to make your mind maps visually appealing and easy to navigate. You can customize colors, styles, and themes, add icons, images, hyperlinks, and even attach files to your mind map nodes. These customization features make your mind maps visually engaging and help you organize and retrieve information efficiently.


  1. In conclusion, Mindomo Desktop is a versatile and user-friendly mind-mapping software that empowers individuals and teams to organize their thoughts, streamline their workflows, and enhance productivity. With its intuitive interface, collaborative features, and extensive customization options, Mindomo Desktop is a valuable tool for anyone looking to bring structure and clarity to their ideas. Unlock your full creative potential.

Top Key Feature:

  1. Mind Mapping: Mindomo Desktop provides a comprehensive set of mind maps. Users can easily create nodes and add text, images, links, and attachments to represent their ideas and concepts visually.
  2. Task Management: Mindomo Desktop incorporates task management capabilities, allowing users to turn their mind map elements into actionable tasks. Users can assign due dates, priorities, and progress indicators to individual nodes, helping them stay organized and focused on their goals.
  3. Collaboration and Sharing: Mindomo Desktop supports real-time collaboration, enabling users to collaborate simultaneously on the same mind map. It offers features like live chat, commenting, and version history, making it easy to work together with team members or share mind maps with others.
  4. Multimedia Integration: Mindomo Desktop allows users to enrich their mind maps by integrating multimedia elements. Users can add images, videos, audio files, and web links to nodes, creating a more engaging and comprehensive visual representation of their ideas.
  5. Export and Integration: Mindomo Desktop provides options to export mind maps in various formats, such as PDF, image files, and Microsoft Office documents. Google Drive and Dropbox facilitate seamless data exchange and enhance workflow efficiency.

Pros And Cons Of Mindomo Desktop

Mindomo Desktop is a mind-mapping software that allows users to organize their thoughts, ideas, and information visually. Here are some pros and cons of using Mindomo Desktop:


  1. Visual organization: Mindomo Desktop provides a visually appealing and intuitive interface for creating mind maps. It allows users to arrange their thoughts, ideas, and tasks in a hierarchical and interconnected manner,
  2. Collaboration: Mindomo Desktop offers features that enable multiple simultaneously. This can be useful for team projects, brainstorming sessions, and group discussions, as it promotes collaboration and enhances productivity.
  3. Cross-platform support: Mindomo Desktop is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, providing flexibility and compatibility across different platforms. Users can access and edit their mind maps from various devices, enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  4. Rich media integration: Mindomo Desktop allows users to incorporate various media types into their mind maps, including images, videos, hyperlinks, attachments, and notes. This feature enhances the visual appeal of mind maps and enables users to add context and information to their ideas.
  5. Advanced features:  offers advanced features such as task management, Gantt charts, and presentation mode. These features allow users to turn their mind maps into actionable plans, track progress, and present their ideas in a structured and engaging manner.


  1. Learning curve: Like any new software,  may have a learning curve for users who need to become more familiar with mind mapping concepts or similar software. It may take some time to explore and software.
  2. Pricing: While offers a free version with limited features, the full-featured version requires a subscription. The pricing may be a consideration for some users, especially if they need advanced features and collaboration capabilities.
  3. Offline access: While is primarily a desktop application, it does require an internet connection for synchronization and collaboration features. Offline access to mind maps may not be possible without an active internet connection.
  4. Mobile limitations:  primary focus is on desktop platforms, and the mobile versions of the software may have limited features or functionalities compared to the desktop version. Users relying heavily on mobile devices may find the mobile experience less robust.
  5. Customization limitations: While  offers a range of customization options, some users may need help with the level of customization compared to other mind-mapping software. Customization options such as font styles, colors, and shapes may not be as extensive as desired.

How To Install?

  1. Visit the  website and navigate to the “Downloads” section.
  2. Choose the appropriate version of  based on your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux).
  3. Click on the download link to start the download process.
  4. Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file on your computer.
  5. For Windows: Double-click the downloaded executable file (.exe) to start the installation wizard. Choose the desired installation location and click “Install” to begin the installation process.
  6. For macOS: Double-click the downloaded disk image file (.dmg) to mount the  application icon—applications folder to install .
  7. For Linux: The installation process may vary depending on your Linux distribution. Consult the documentation provided by  for specific instructions.
  8. After the installation, launch  from your computer’s application launcher or double-click the application icon on your desktop.
  9. Upon launching the application, you may be prompted with your existing account. Or sign in.
  10. When you have successfully logged in, you can use  to create and manage mind maps on your computer.

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